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Some men see things as they are and say 'why?' I dream of things that never were and say, why not? --George Bernard Shaw

A B O U T / C O N T A C T

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

I have learned when it comes to life and my art, what it is to start over, live off little, the importance of being organized, independent, to love beyond all reason, cry when necessary, and laugh as much as possible, and that with determination, and hard work—nothing is impossible. I am constantly relearning these lessons especially when I find myself working on a card or painting and realizing it’s not going anywhere, in which case sometimes it means embracing what “I think” at the time is a mistake and moving forward only to watch something incredible appear before me, OR at other times scraping the whole thing and starting over. Either way it can be challenging and scary, but well worth the effort.

One of my favorite stories about one the world’s greatest inventors came from an interview he had with a reporter. When the scientist and visionary was questioned about the number of times he “failed” before he succeeded, he responded— "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." A man, who when he was a child was called “slow” by his teachers, who suffered a loss of most of his hearing, and many other adversities—this of course was Thomas A. Edison—and the reason I share this in my bio is because it truly encompasses who I am, who I strive to be, and what I want out of life. With patience and persistence, success is born. Having the fortitude and vision, the commitment and enthusiasm to see what will be, before it happens is how greatness has marked history and something I remind myself of as I am constantly pursuing how to create the best product possible and at the same time craft a great experience for my customers.

As for my basic history, I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, (U.S.A.) acquiring my first job at age 14.  I've also spent several  years in California—part of which was spent acquiring my bachelors degree in Communications, and in many interesting working environments, some of which included: Resident Assistant for 30 freshman girls, Bartender, Upscale Salon Receptionist, Deli Clerk, Retail Assistant, Post-Production Liaison, and Payroll Specialist/ Accountant for three nationally recognized companies.  (In what is usually noted as “in my spare time” section,) I love to watch movies, enjoy a good baseball or football game, working-out, swimming, (someday I’ll add horse-back riding to this list,) crocheting, learning new languages or trying the newest delectable dish from the kitchen (usually created by my better half! :)

If you would like to contact me, either to possibly request a custom item, comment personally on a blog, etc. Feel free to shoot me an email at: aureliusignum@gmail.com. Any feedback is appreciated, and although I fail at correspondance, it's something I'm working on, and truly will do my best to get back to you, as it means a great deal if someone takes the time to do that I like to also extend the kindness! :)

“…finding the essence in your expression”

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